Monday, September 28, 2009


When deciding on exactly which font to use in your design there are a couple factors you want to put in place. First you want to find something that is pleasing to the eye. Fonts like Curlz MT and Ravie are fonts that are very pretty but not always be appealing to your audience because of the complex forms of the letters. People like to read things that their eyes are accustomed to, so fonts like times new roman and even bold fonts like broadway are easily understood. The usauage of fonts also is determined by the amount of text used on a design. If it is a paragraph of information then it would be best to use the standard fonts but if it is a title or headline you might just want to do something funky to grab your audience attention.
If you are looking to do something different with your fonts and dont know where to begin you can go to sites like for some cool ideas. And if you are struggling with exactly how to install a font, windows has come up with a tutorial that is very user friendly

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