Sunday, September 20, 2009

Segmenting Publics

Today for my publications class I was asked to explain how I would segement the public of my student organization we picked for another assignment we have. The organization that I selected was the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is the governing body for over 18,000 students at Georgia Southern University. There are many ways to segment that large amount of students.

One way that I could look at my audience is by demographics. Demographics are simply characteristics of the human population like age, sex, and race to name a few. With GSU being such a diverse school this way of segmenting is one that could very much work. But to be more specific I want to take a look at the students in different levels of classification. This one the best means to segment this public because as a student progresses in the university the needs of this student is changing.

Many students of the same classifications share similar characteristics and most of these shared things have been researched in the past and is now just a known fact. For example, I know that every freshman of Georgia Southern University is required to take a GSU orientation class. With this information am able to locate a place I can reach out to this specific class.

Another way that I can segment our public is a way that we already do this in SGA. We are divided up into representatives in our colleges. In my brochure I could separate information for each college by using bold headlines that help the students quickly information that effects thir college.


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